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Conn-Schmidt and Stout Funeral Home Records

1929 - 1953

The records contained in this index are from the Conn-Schmidt and Stout Funeral Homes dating from 3/2/1929 to 12/31/1953. Though the full index goes through 3/31/1974 we are following the lead of the Illinois State Death index and posting only records 50 years old and older. However, any researcher wishing us to check the later index entries for a specific name may can e-mail the request to the Elgin Genealogical Society. There is no charge for checking the index.

To obtain the full record (not obituaries), send a check for $5.00 along with a SASE to Elgin Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 1418, Elgin, IL, 60121-1418.

Funeral Home Records From:

Volumes A-B = Marsh and Conn Funeral Home
Volume C = Marsh and Conn, Conn and Gustafson
Volumes D-E = Conn and Schmidt, Schmidt
Volumes 1-11 and 13-15 = Stout
Volume 12 is missing

About the index:

The early volumes, especially A-C, were often difficult to read. We made every effort to decipher the proper spelling for the entries, but be sure to look for varients within the records.

The DOD field comes from the Date of Death entry in the volumes. If no entry was made the Dat of Entry was used.

Vol Page Name Maiden Death
Vol Page Name Maiden Death

Obtaining These Records:

Our thanks to Richard Bennett who obtained these volumes for the Elgin Area Historical Society. Following is and account of how it happened.

On one of my many walks to the center city of Elgin from the (old) Sherman Hospital area, I stopped to see my friend Yearry Madison of the Madison Funeral Home. Yearry told me that he had some furnature from the (Stout) funeral home sale. As he showed me the furnature in the basement of the Madison Funeral Home at 305 Park St., Elgin, I noticed some old books, ledger books they appeared to be. I told him that I am a charter member of the Elgin Area Historical Society and asked him what he wss going to do with these old books. He replied that he was going to throw them away. So I asked if we could have them for the Historical Society and he said "yes". So I [went home to get my van] loaded it with the books and the furniture I'd purchased and drove the short distance to the EAHS museum. Liz Marston (museum curator) was so pleased to recieve them and sent me right back to the funeral home to give Yearry a thank you note.

I asked Yearry if there were any other old funeral home book available. He replied in the affirmative and said he would call me when he was ready to dispose of them. It was only a month later that I was able to bring the rest of the rest of the books to the Historical Society.

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This all took place in July of 2003.